Decentralized Auth

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Decentralized Auth is an alternative authentication system for Minecraft client or server implementations.

With Decentralized Auth, player identity is tied to a cryptographic keypair so that no Mojang or Microsoft API calls are ever required on either the client or server.

Use cases

  • Exercise your power against chat signing and any future anti-features that Microsoft may release in connection with authentication services
  • Continue to use the official Minecraft client after an unfair account ban
  • Host a private server among friends without enforcing strict chat moderation policies
  • Implement custom composable whitelist-based authentication logic on your server's website (2FA, account recovery, etc.)
  • Prevent Microsoft from gathering data about the servers you join
  • No more restarting your client because your auth session has expired


  • Cross-compatibility - users authenticated with Microsoft can play together on the same server as Decentralized Auth users simultaneously
  • Full profile data - Share your skin texture (including your own custom cape!) and profile name to other players without a third-party endpoint
  • It's not just offline mode - all packets are E2E encrypted and your account cannot be stolen by logging in with your name